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Vanessa Tierney - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Vanessa Tierney

Co–founder of Abodoo

The world of work is changing, and one of the major areas where this transformation is taking hold is remote working. Founded by Vanessa Tierney and Ben Wainwright, Abodoo is an Irish company that wants to harness this change. For many people, those in rural areas and the disabled, doing their job from their kitchen or living room removes a massive obstacle.

Abodoo is a RaaS (recruitment–as–a–service) cloud platform giving companies access to SmartWorkers globally and empowering people to work and live where they want.

Abodoo aims to intuitively match jobs to each remote worker’s specific skillset, and workers remain anonymous until an employer selects them for the job, allowing them to apply in confidence. It also offers resume building services, unique job results based on the talents of each individual applicant, and handy tips from recruitment experts.

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