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Talita Holzer - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Talita Holzer

Co–founder of waytoB

Talita Holzer is the co–founder of waytoB, with the mission to use technology to help people with intellectual disabilities become more independent. 

Originally from Brazil, she graduated in Manufacturing Engineering from Federal Universal of São Carlos, and specialised in Engineering with Management at Trinity College Dublin. During her studies, she became passionate about using user–centered design and co–design to create better solutions that work for everyone, including groups that are usually left out of the Design & Development process.

She is an advocate for gender diversity and works with Girls in Tech Dublin to get more women into tech and entrepreneurship. She is also part of the EU–funded project INGDIVS (Inreasing Gender Diversity in STEM), which aims to develop a free online tool to inform prospective university students about STEM courses and its possible career paths

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