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Doug Gordon - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Doug Gordon

Owner/CEO, DDG Performance Optimisation/Body Health and Soul

Doug’s belief is life is all about LOVE: Lots Of Vibrant Energy. Optimise your energy and you optimise your life.

Doug has been working in the Investment world for over 20 years, working at some of the largest investment companies in the world in sales, marketing and PR.

Doug also runs ‘Body Health and Soul’ and DDG Performance Optimisation. Two businesses with the aim of adding value to people’s lives and businesses through energy and performance optimisation. 

Doug is also a regular on both Irish and Global radio and recently hosted a show on Dublin South FM’s “Breakthrough Brands.”

In 2012 Doug had a near death experience and came back with a passion to help others. He has since trained in 5 modalities of healing to master teacher level, he has also become a certified mindfulness and meditation practitioner.

Doug has had international pop stars, sports stars, models, the police, senior business people, and many other men, women and children come for healings over the last few years. The healing led to life coaching, the life coaching to business coaching, business coaching to corporate workshops and the workshops to international speaking at conferences. All in the aim of helping people optimise their performance in life.

On the healing side he has helped many people with stress, anxiety, depression, ailments and injuries.

On the life coaching side Doug helps people create a more positive mindset in order to achieve their goals in life and shed past emotional baggage and blockages.

On the business coaching side Doug has used his 20 years of sales, marketing and PR to help all types of businesses grow.

On the corporate workshop and conference side Doug helps people optimise their energy and Mindset in order to optimise their performance in life.

Doug is a supporter of numerous charities in Ireland, England and Africa. Including the likes of the Wooden Spoon, HOPE and the Simon Community in the U.K./Ireland and Zamda which supports children in Zambia. 

He is currently writing a book (which he aims to have completed by the Good Summit) about how he came back from his near death experience healing himself and overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. The book is to help people with all aspects of life and his belief of the meaning of life and how to optimise it. A large proportion of the profits will go to charity and also to build alternative healing centres to help people.

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